Live at college or university can pretty hectic in amongst the endless textbooks you need to read, the thousands of words you need to write, finding some spare time for ourselves can be a tricky task. That is indeed a concerning fact about every student out there and just your elevate the immense pressure out of you we have prepared a list of the top 10 awesome student gadgets that will make his/her study more productive while keeping you in your comfort zone 

Newyes SyncPen Smart Pen

Meet the ultimate digital writing solution. The newyes ink pen, smart LCD pad and newyes note app offering a combination of smart writing artificial intelligence and paperless concept, allowing you to switch between writing traditional notes and electronic editable notes. The new sync pen connects to your device automatically when the pen cap is opened and disconnects when closed. It synchronizes with the newest Notes app instantly at anytime and anywhere. The pen features a hidden micro camera inside that scans the dot mattress coordinates in the notebook or LCD pad in real time. The pin also features 360-degree full angle capturing allowing you to be free from holding at a certain angle. The new LCD writing pad allows you to click and save notes to the app and also see the title and tag search node by tag or by keywords in the app. You guys create your own colorful notes with the ability to change color and thickness, add voice memos to her notes and email your notes by the LCD pad. The newest note app can recognize and transcribe handwriting's into editable text. The updated on CRC for recognizes the tips in features and converts it to plain air to the text in seconds. The app recognizes up to 66 languages and the newyes ink pen can store up to 800 pages of notes while offline. If your student, professional or anyone who wants to go paperless then the newyes digital writing solution is the ultimate way to go paperless.


Introducing prinCube, this is the smallest and mobile color printer ever made that enables color printing anywhere anytime and on any surface. PrinCube is the ultimate handheld portable printer that works over Wi-Fi with a phone to easily upload any text image or design and instantly print in a virtually any object or surface at the touch. But its color inject personalizes ordinary objects makes messages that stand out and is perfect tools for arts and crafts. It was designed for practicality and convenience and works perfectly with both iOS and Android. After using it can be charged by using a USB type-c cable that is preferred for reliability and fast reliable devices. This incredibly lightweight portable carpenter is enough to take the power of an injured printing on the go anywhere you want and you can get from all. 

Rocketbook Orbit Notepad

Is there anything wrong wasteful than illegal notepads. Well before uttering that once again get introduced with a Rocketbook orbit, a reusable cloud-connected notepad for you. It uses a magnetic base and has stainless steel wings attached to every pack of rocketbook pages. It can lift it other orbit flip 50 degrees and change that for a brand-new mission. You are well equipped with a page pack on the orbit so that you can write and sketch the speed of light then flip the page for next objective and this customized page pack scan be removed from the pack which is pretty amazing. The orbital is painting the block in between usable pane and paper technology and is forged with a hard plastic complete would attest or synthetic outer layer. So, the rest of the professionals will ask for light years to come. It counted the rocking book app where you can assign seven shortcut symbols this mission, we plan. The rocket group orbital impact is surely the notepad procedure, so from now on don't be a weapon of mass distraction and grab your own rocketbook orbit from online today.

Korin ClickPack X

As you're a student there are so many mathematics of probability that you have already found a good number of important is missing from your backpack at the school or college. That's exactly where the current click pack X is going to save you. This is an anti-theft backpack that ensures securely fairness or belongings. This bag is made out of five level glass fibres which makes it completely tear resistant and it counts as hidden TSA custom lock system to protect everything you got. Thanks to its retractable steel wire coil as you can attach this back to anything for maximum security and come to RFID hidden pockets in order to protect your sensitive things. This backpack has a massive 80 litres storage space, has six external pockets to serve variable items, a USB charging port on his shoulder strap for charging your smartphone. You can also store a 15.6 inch laptop instantly panel laptop pocket and a 10.5 inch tablet in the dedicated tablet sleeve. Combined with polyester fabric and water proof zippers it is totally water proof and keeps your essentials dry. The chorion pleat pack X is a very good backpack for students and you can purchase it from online.

Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S

Do you want to reduce flickering of light which causes fatigue and other harmful effects on our eyes? Then get introduced with Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S. This desk lamp has pretty stable lighting source uniform luminance and does not emit UV rays at all. You can adjust the colour temperature and brightness according to your need or there are also four pre-set lighting modes that cater to different scenarios and user requirements equipped with a 135 degree adjustable angle. You can adjust light to match your need while working or stunning and by default you can control this lamp using the Mi Home App and you can also control the slide with Alexa Google assistant or apple home kit. The all-metal style of this lamp not only sturdy and elegant but also dissipates heat better and distributes even luminance. The stamp has received amazing reviews and ratings from the customers and you can gain from online.

Magic Desk

But if there is a desk that can control by magic and totally change the way how you work before. Introducing the 37-degree magic disk. The first, gesture-controlled, height adjustable standing disk with smart technology and a simple design. This desk is real innovative and built with premium materials to make your work convenient. It is ideal for your body posture as it has height adjustable option from 25 to 51 inches starting from ground level. This desk can handle a maximum weight of up to 286 pounds very efficiently and it comes in three different colours to match your style. This is not just what makes it smart because this desk also comes with an LED light a display as well as a wireless and USB charging port. The LED lamp generates light for three different ambiences 

Screen Mode

Reading Mode and 

Focus Mode

To optimise your work flow and it turns itself off when you leave your desk for more than 10 minutes and also turns on automatically when you return. Discover a new way to work with magic desk and you can back them up at Kickstarter.

3DFort 3D Printer

We used to spend thousands of dollars on 3D printers. But now the game has been changed with the all new 3DFort 3D printer. It is the most affordable 3D printer that can be used right out of the box as it has got a unibody design which is perfect for beginners. Just plug the power in and turn on the printer the larger filament and start to work with one push District function right away. You can watch your custom creations form in real time right before the eyes see that. The 3DFort 3d printer is cheapest 3d printer ever.


The Clicbot is a unique robot that makes you learn how to code and has unique reactions to make it a nice addition in your study field. Clicbot is an entire universe. It's got more than 1000 different setups so you can build it to time dance, crawl, drive or even serve your morning coffee. This robot has more than 200 reactions that allow you to react when you are pinning it or tries to find you in a coverage size. It also comes with two predefined personalities without any kind of requirement of coding. The clicbot counted an app and multiple pieces that lets a child learn coding in a fun and interactive way and makes the creatives from an early stage. The clicbot robot is surely a gear addition for a family special to children in order to make the interested to learn coding.

Remarkable 2

With remarkable 2 you can do a lot of things like you can take handwritten notes, read and review important documents. You can convert your handwritten notes in the text right away and you will also be able to take those notes directly on PDFs. The market of this tablet has a built-in eraser which is basically an eraser sensor at its top-end. The remarkable students to design 30% thinner than its previous version and it's currently the world's most responsive digital paper that almost feels like a paper. It has a remarkable battery life that gives the two weeks of backup on a single charge and for charging it has USB type-c connectivity which can also be used for file transferring.  Replace your notebooks and printed documents with remarkable 2 and pre-order this amazing tablet from online right now.


What comes to mind when hearing about industrial robots is their scale, high cost, and complexity. The Mirobot arm has an incredible level of movement and flexibility allowing it to rotate freely, twist degrees on both horizontal and vertical axis. You can use this robot for facial recognition and scanning QR code and barcode, shape detection, optical flow and a variety of other advanced vision tasks with its built-in OpenMV and computer vision technology. Designed for makers robot enthusiasts engineers and students to learn coding, style robotics and more me robot can perform a number of tasks including automated tests, baking and placing assembly and more. For home, school and professional use, the Mirobot arm offers exceptional flexibility and work. This is currently a Kickstarter project.


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