Six Ways to Keep You Youthful

Keep You Youthful

Six Ways to Keep You Youthful We all live in a time when we are all young at heart. Day by day, life is becoming increasingly fast-paced, and we must maintain our physical youth. The principle of survival has become to be young at heart, young in thought, and youthful in the body. Regardless, our … Read more

Technologies That Can Help You Learn Faster

Learn Faster

Technologies That Can Help You Learn Faster Top Technologies to Maximize Learning Potential For many of us, learning a new skill or knowledge takes time. For others, it seems like we are born with the ability to learn new things easily and without any trouble at all. No matter where you fall on this spectrum, … Read more

Study Tips

Study Tips

Our brain has the capacity to memorize 2.5 petabytes of information or nearly 3 million hours of YouTube videos. Here are some strategies or study tips based on generally accepted studies by neuroscientists and learning experts to help you use some of that astonishing capacity a little more effectively when you study. Spaced Repetition To … Read more

Cultivation of Marigolds in Tubs

Cultivation of Marigolds

Cultivation of Marigolds in Tubs There is no way to know when people first worshiped the gods with flowers at their feet. This time we want to discuss some of the flowers in the tub. Cultivation of Marigolds in Tubs Step-by-step guide Cultivating marigolds in tubs or containers can be a rewarding and visually pleasing … Read more

The 12 Healthiest Fruits on the Planet

Healthiest Fruits

Fruit consumption is beneficial to one’s health, however, not all fruits are made equal. Some of them have special health advantages. Today, we’ll discuss the twenty healthiest fruits on the planet. 1. Avocado Avocado is unlike most other fruits in that it has a unique flavor. Most fruits are heavy in carbohydrates, but avocado is … Read more