Cultivation of Marigolds in Tubs

Cultivation of Marigolds in Tubs

There is no way to know when people first worshiped the gods with flowers at their feet. This time we want to discuss some of the flowers in the tub and the name of the marigold will come first.

First of all, talk about the tub: the tub should be 10 inches or 12 inches. New tubs are best. If it is an old tub, I want to clean it well. Mix 3-4 grams of Captan per liter of hot water and pour into the tub. After keeping it for 1 hour, discard the water. Your tub has been cleaned. Marigold yield is best in two-tiered soils. First, the leaves should be composted with two-tiered soil to make compost, dung dry or wet, bone meal, superphosphate a small amount of sulfate of potash. It is better to give phosphate or potash in this mixture. This soil will remain for some time to come. Then buy good marijuana seedlings, fill the tub with soil and plant the seedlings. Then fill the tub and add water. The tree will stick.

There is no need to fertilize the first 10-15 days because the soil you have prepared or the fertilizer you have applied to that soil will nourish the plant. Only give liquid fertilizer if the tree is 6 inches in size. Make your own liquid fertilizer (how to make fertilizer is mentioned in the chapter on roses.) However, before applying the fertilizer, the soil of the tub should be removed with a spade.

Water in such a way that the soil in the tub is always moist. This will increase the strength of the tree and open the flower shell. If you want more flowers in number, give 1 teaspoon of chlorovita if you see buds. Chlorovita will improve the texture and color of your flowers. Earlier in our country, marigold saplings were planted in the months of Ashwin, Kartik, and even Aghran. Recently, it has been observed that marigold seedlings are planted in summer and it does not cause any harm but is good. There are many varieties of marigolds that bloom in winter as well as in summer. Marigold trees are very hardy trees that do not die easily. And with a little care, this tree can provide puja flowers all year round. - Put a little morning sun in the winter. Before catching 20, spray 2 gms of Captan and 1 mg of Dimecron fertilizer in the water. Then the chances of getting insects will decrease.

The method of growing flowers is quite ancient. That is to break the buds and cut the branches of the tree. Leave 2-3 stalks on either side of the main stem or stem and cut all the remaining stalks. Leave one bud on each branch and remove the rest. If there are two, their size will become bigger.

Popular among the varieties of marygold are African Mary Gold, French Mary Gold, Jubilee, Indian Star, Axel, Ilka, etc. Cultivation of marigolds in low-pot flowers and puja flower tubs is considered to be for everyone.


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