NTU Singapore’s Break Through Discovery – Human Tears Lenses

Human tears lenses

Researchers at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore have created an incredibly thin battery that is just a few micrometers in size, has the unique ability to power smart contact lenses. Furthermore, these human tears lenses can gain charge using tears, according to a press release from the university, according to Interesting Engineering. Moreover, the … Read more

AI Prompt Engineering: Here’s A to Z for your Prompting Journey!

AI Prompt

Generative AI, AI Prompt? Are these terms new to you? ChatGPT, Midjourney, Dalle E? Does that ring a bell? If yes, then you should know that these terms are forming an entirely new sector! In 2023, the global Generative AI Market will reach $44.89 billion! Not only that, it will grow at an annual rate … Read more

Jais AI Model – The Premiere Language Model for the Arabic Community!

Jais AI Model

The UAE government has adopted a revolutionary artificial intelligence large language model – Jais AI Model created exclusively for Arabic and developed in Abu Dhabi. The goal of creating an AI language LLM was to incorporate one of the world’s most widely spoken languages into the mainstream AI ecosystem. Meet Jais AI Model, the UAE’s … Read more