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The day after Christmas, December 26, is not just a day for Santa Claus to rest up, but it is also a national holiday in the United Kingdom and other British Commonwealth nations. Boxing Day has its roots in the 18th century. The Victorians were responsible for giving Boxing Day its physical form.

Historically, it served as both a day off for employees and a day when their business made donations and gave them gifts.

Boxing Day customs include peculiar events like philanthropic fundraisers and amusing treks in the freezing English Channel, particularly football and cricket matches. The family supper, when the tables are set with traditional, delectable dishes from the Boxing Day menu, is the most anticipated part of the holiday celebration.

Holiday celebration:

These delectable Boxing Day meals and beverages demonstrate that the holiday spirit does not cease on December 25. Continue the holiday celebration with a hearty brunch or a show-stopping extravaganza of foods that may be prepared in advance, including ones that include alcohol. A salad is the ideal accompaniment to those rich Christmas desserts and can include leftover Brussels sprouts. Food on Boxing Day is a chance to elevate the leftovers, after all. Try potted cheese with dried cranberries, creamy turkey soup, and more. Consume the remaining cheese or prepare a simple pie for Boxing Day. Just place the unused meat, potatoes, and vegetables in a roasting pan. Add sauce, seasoning, and cream to the top. Finally, cover with pastry and bake until crisp.

Listed below are some of the top Boxing Day recipes:

Food on Boxing Day is typically bright and celebratory, but it’s also typically eaten as a buffet or on a less formal day than Christmas. Therefore, the kitchen’s cooks find it rather liberating to not be confined to the stove all day. As an alternative, it is a day for dinners that are prepared in advance and are a great way to use up leftover turkey. It is also the perfect opportunity to prepare some of the staples of the British buffet table, such hams, sandwiches, Christmas cake, and mince pies.


1. Butter bean pie squash with winter spices: Make this filling squash dish to use as a vegetarian alternative to the traditional Christmas centerpiece. It’s festive and infused with a tonne of herb flavor.

2. Remoulade Sprout presented in a colorful basket: We can transform the remaining sprouts into a simple remoulade by combining mayonnaise, ginger, crème fraîche, mustard, and parsley. Excellent for a Boxing Day buffet.

3. Slices of sprout, comté, and walnut tart that are ready to serve: With this delectable dessert, one may get the most out of their seasonal sprouts. A gorgeous written and pumpkin seed pastry shell contains comté cheese and walnuts.

4. Sandwich Christmas leftovers: One may proceed with their Sarnie Boxing Day. Make a delicious sandwich by hollowing out a loaf of bread and filling it with all the leftovers from Christmas.

5. Stuffed cheesecake pancakes are consumed on a tray: Order these leftover cheesecake pancakes. They only five ingredients to make and are ideal for brunch on New Year’s Day or Boxing Day.


1. Ham with crackling served on a board: To reduce tension during the entertainment, heat this festive ham up to three days in advance and store it in the refrigerator (with the crackling in an airtight container).

2. Baked and sliced salmon fillet with pistachios, handmade cranberries pickled in vinegar, and parsley: Salmon is an oily fish. They even give the bowl a lovely Christmassy atmosphere.

3. Fricassee Leftover turkey is eaten with pasta: Fricassee Pasta is often served with leftover turkey, so make the most of your leftover roast turkey with this decadent fricassee. It goes well with turkey for Christmas dinner and is pleasant to eat with potatoes or pasta.

4. Ham cooked with marmalade, ginger, and star anise on a carving frame: For the centerpiece main dish, bake a gammon joint with a marmalade, ginger, and star anise glaze. It’s ideal for Sunday lunch or Christmas dinner.

5. Spicy turkey noodles: On Boxing Day, make our spicy turkey stir-fry with the leftover turkey.


Cake soufflés for Christmas: Create leftover fruitcake or Christmas pudding for the individual hot desserts, then serve them with warm caramel sauce to drizzle into each pot.

Lime Cheesecake Semi-Freddo: For a Christmas dinner party, this lovely frozen dessert can be prepared and frozen up to three months in advance.

Strudel Christmas pudding: With this easy strudel recipe, you can repurpose leftover Christmas pudding.


In essence, several of the beverages offered on Christmas Day would be appropriate on Boxing Day as well.

  • Champagne.
  • Wine.
  • Homemade Sloe Gin.

For non-drinkers, Elderflower Cordial is always the right non-alcoholic cocktail for a celebration.

Ideas for Boxing Day Buffets:

1. Recipe for chicken and ham pie: Use store-bought crust to make this time-saving recipe for chicken and ham pie, which is stuffed with thick-cut ham, chicken thigh fillets, leeks, and a fluffy white sauce.

2. Posh sausage roll: Everyone enjoys a traditional sausage roll. Making a batch for a buffet can’t go wrong if one prefers an herby center. The upscale sausage roll has a layer of chili jam and sesame seeds on top to give her a spicy kick. You can cut it into as many pieces as you’d like. But we advise making two because they won’t last long.

3. Fig and Goat’s Cheese Puffs: The fig and goat cheese puffs strike the ideal balance between being simple to prepare and spectacular. We can prepare and place them on the table in about 30 minutes. It’s the ideal method to use leftover goat cheese that you don’t want to let go bad in the refrigerator.

4. Stacked sandwich for the Ultimate Boxing Day: The Boxing Day sandwich is another highlight of Christmas, even if the Christmas Day feast is a major component. One can fill it with whatever they choose, whether they want to keep it simple with turkey and stuffing or go all out and include a roast potato and sprout as well! For a reason, our Boxing Day ultimate stacked sandwich is the best.

It is decadent, tasty, sweet, and salty. Exactly what Christmas should be.

Therefore, be sure to take advantage of this chance to demonstrate styling prowess and create a wonderful table to truly impress guests.

  • From the outside, welcome.
  • Create a mood with a soft color scheme.
  • Decorate in warm, ominous tones.
  • Make some of your homemade crackers.
  • Create a drink station.
  • Welcome to the table

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